Strategic Bombardment: In The Beginning (1915)

The means were crude: enormous gas bags with diesel engines pushing against the wind.  Their targets weren’t factories, or docks or barracks or railway stations, but buildings in towns.  On the night of 19-20 January 1915, the first German Zeppelin raids hit Norfolk at King’s Lynn, Great Yarmouth and Sheringham.  The bomb loads were tiny in comparison to what would follow.  By 1917 Germany gave up on bombing England.

In the period between WWI and WWII, Germany, Britain and the US took two different views of those early raids.  The Germans looked at the targets the Allies hit (mostly in 1918) and saw failure; the British and Americans looked at the results of the Zeppelin raids and saw success.  They would design their air forces accordingly.

Crop Duster: A Novel of WWII is a fictionalized story about American and German fliers and the air forces that they flew for.  Available at booksellers everywhere in paperback and e-book.

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