Lessons in Writing from a Master: Col John E. Greenwood, USMC (Ret.)

Writing is easy: Just sit at a keyboard and open a vein.



I recently learned that my old friend and mentor, Col. John E. Greenwood, USMC (Ret.) has passed away. I first met Col Greenwood while editing the Marine Corps Gazette. After a distinguished career 30-year career in the Marine Corps, including numerous combat tours in Korea and Vietnam, Col Greenwood edited the Gazette for a further 20 years. Under his stewardship, the Gazette reclaimed its place as a forum for the exchange of professional knowledge on all matters relating to the US Marine Corps specifically and modern warfare more generally. Long before there was a Military Writers Guild, Col Greenwood played a key role in encouraging younger authors, from both inside and outside the Marine Corps, to publish their ideas. He gave unstintingly of his time and his experience to help authors develop their ideas and their writing skills, and this helped create…

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